Monday, July 31, 2006


after graduation, i don't have much to do but wake up in the morning, watch tv, sleep in the afternoon, if i have money i'll go online then eat then watch tv again until i fall asleep... that was my daily routine until i found my long lost friends... i never thought i would be this happy in my whole life finding my elementary friends again... though not complete but it was really fun having them back...

i've known her since grade 4, we were classmates for 2 years and we were quite crazy back then, bullying the nerds in the classroom... hehehehe... i remember her as that little girl with a sweet smile and i love hanging out with her coz i'm taller than her before, pero ngayon naiwanan na rin ako sa height nyan... hehehehe... i don't know what's wrong with my body...

she's my classmate back in grade 3 where we used to make all of our classmates cry... hehehe... maldita kami nyan... even the tallest gay in the class got a taste of our rudeness... pero ngayon naku napaka-sexy... kaka-inggit... eh ako ang taba ko na... para na akong nanay...

the crazy new friend... non-smoker, very much religious at ang cinderella ng barkada... kelangan before 12 nasa bahay na yan... hehehehe... i just love hanging out with her... sobrang kulet... pati yung mga baby palaka eh pinagiintirisan... hehehehehe...

i knew her back in 6th grade, she was a transferee so niyakag na namin sa barkada... lakas kasi ng dating pwede sa bakbakan... but beware of this hot momma, dami nahuhumaling dyan, babae man o lalaki... mahal na mahal ko yan eh... siya ang nanay sa barkada, literally coz she already have a 2 1/2 years old son... ang cute nga eh... tibo pa kami nun nung nagkakilala kami...

it all started when a friend text me, nagiinuman daw sila jen within the subdivision... so i hurried went to the place and found them boozing and singing videoke... kakatuwa... since then magkakasama na kami... it's been 2 weeks since i started getting along with them, and never a day has passed na hindi kami magkakasama, oh well, except those days na talagang mga bagsak katawan namen sa sakit... sabay sabay kami nagkasakit dahil sino ba naman ang may sabing maglakad sa ulanan ng lasing, di ba?... hehehehe... ilang gabi na rin kami umiinom and hindi na namin napapansin yung oras... madaling araw na pala... tapos kinabukasan iinom na naman... grabe... pero wala, masaya lang kami na ganun... kahit may mga problems... iyak, tawa at alak lang ang katapat... basta magkakasama kami... when i'm with them i am free to say anything i want to say, open minded kasi sila... dami namin mga pinagdadaanan sa loob ng isang araw... katulad kahapon nabiktima kami ni sir boyet... dinala kami sa alive alive... sabi samen picnic at videoke... eh weakness ng barkada yung videoke at alak... kaya ayun... mga uto-uto... hahahaha... there's so much to tell about my barkada... pero eto muna... ieenjoy ko muna... then kwento ko ulet sa inyo... next time, i will post our pictures... it's a girl thing!... hehehehehe...


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