Wednesday, October 05, 2005

[[*--Darnest thing to ask--*]]

I was running late sa meeting namin ng friend ko para sa raket... I was really walking fast then this sales girl made me slow down just to ask if I had a credit card... In the first place, i don't even look like i got one... I was just on my favorite faded jeans and my superman shirt... Argh!.. I thought it will be a dance class but instead... My friend... Yes, my very dear friend recruited me to join her networking job.. WTF!!...

I had my OJT at Ortigas, Pasig... But that doesn't mean I know everything!... Maybe i just got so pissed off by the traffic and the f*cking driver that keeps on texting while driving (I know I should've reported that driver to LTFRB...) Damn!..

Ilang beses ko na ba sinabi sa kanya na wala nga ako load for other network... My sister keeps on asking me that stupid question since Mike gave me my Daylite... I don't know.. I easily get pissed off when she asked me, I shouted at her but I really don't mean it.. Sorry ate... Bibilhan na lang kita ng chunky... ehe...

What time did i arrived?... 10:45 pm... Do you think I was able to watch PBB?... Argh!!... I really don't know if anyone's using their mind today... When I got on the bus, the TV was on ABS-CBN, I was even watching Kampanerang Kuba... Then some of the passengers sitting at the back of the driver told the bus conductor to change the TV station to GMA.. So I wasn't able to watch PBB... Oh di ba ang galing?!.. Argh!...

After kidnapping me to that networking agency, my friend ask me this question.. Obviously with a big frown on my face, she still dared to ask me kung "Ok lang ako"... What I need is an instant-money-job (like dance class, so far yung ang part-time job ko) for another session of my graduation pictorial (huwaw.. ready na for graduation!!) How can she be so insensitive.. There are questions that are not always being asked.

And all of these questions are for Tuesday only... I wonder, how many stupid questions would i encounter tomorrow at school... Damn!... I'm not yet finished with my hamster experiment... Oh that hamster, if they won't cooperate with my experiment, I will put them inside the blender... But I'm not that evil to do that to the harmless hamsters... But at least those silly creatures need to be threatened to follow... Hihihi...

[[ trapped in a trance]]*|5:48 PM|

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I have a excessive credit card debt site/blog. It pretty much covers excessive credit card debt related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time :-)
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