Monday, October 24, 2005


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Oh well... Anyone seen this pics yet? I just saw it now when I visit Pinoy Big Brother site. Nagulat ako kay Chx... Soooooooobra... Pero sa totoo lang... May ipagmamalaki naman ang lolah mo... Malinis naman sya kahit papano (kung hindi edited yung pics ha?!). Hehehehe... I'm so mean!!! Nyahahahahaha... Oh well at least, wala na sya sa big brother house... Ang gwapo kaya ng "LOVE" nya.... That's litarally his name, Love... Ganda noh?... Gwapo pa at super understanding pa sa mga kalandian ni Chx... Bwisit na babae tong si Chx... Nabihag nya si amboy... Huwaaaaaaah... Si Sam...

Oh well... I better go now... PBB na eh... Hehehehehehe...

Adios... Hasta....

[[ trapped in a trance]]*|9:45 PM|

Sunday, October 23, 2005

[[*--Weird Dream Part II--*]]

We were enjoying smooching at the corner of the bar, he just said that he still love me and he'll make up for the lost time. I was si gullible that I was believing every single word from his mouth. We just kissed and hugged for a really long time. Then I decided to dare him, "dance till you drop" (just like what we did when we met). When we were already at the dancefloor and dancing our hearts out, he held me close and he just fainted. I was in panic mode when he fell. I called for his friends and they helped me carry him to their table. I don't remember what happened next, the scene just flip into another scene. He's head was on my lap and he was resting. After a while, he stood up and said his goodbye. The bar will be closing and we're still inside. I accompany him to his friend's van, and without a word nor a kiss, he steeped inside the van and just looked at me. I walked up to our car and I've seen from afar that he was crying. Our car passed a hump and i bump my head, then i woke up.

Ang gandang gising eh noh?! Untog talaga. Actually nauntog talaga ako sa corner ng kama ko. Hehehe. Nahulog nga rin si Pinky (stuff toy ko na katabi ko matulog). Sorry Pink's, sarap sumayaw eh! Hiihihi. Oh well, pag nananaginip ako ng ganyan, premonition yun na magpaparamdam na naman yung kolokoy na yun eh. Hehehe. Ok lang. Tapos na ang kabanata ng buhay namin. Nasa bagong chapter na ako ng buhay ko kasama ang taong pinakamamahal ko. Hmmm. Kaya ang panaginip na ito dapat -------ERASE, ERASE, ERASE.... Hihihihi!

Bye Jeffrey Ramirez. I've passed the point of deliverance. So long my friend.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

[[*--Weirdest Dream Ever!!--*]]

Last night, I can't sleep because of headache and high fever. But I never thought that, that sickness would give me a dream like that. I don't want to call it nightmare because, the dream is all about Jepoy. (still remember Jepoy. anyone?) Hehe... It's been a long time since I've talked about him right? Here's how the dream goes:

I was at a bar, I think Malate, and my friends were just having a good time dancing and playing fools of themselves. I was at the bar and grabbing a drink when suddenly a familiar voice called my name "JENG!". When i looked back, t'was Jepoy. And he asked me if I can stay with him all through the night. Ala daw kasi sya sa mood makipag-meet sa other girls and he missed me daw... (wow di ba?!... pati sa panaginip nambobola pa rin!!) Hehehe. Ayun. Basta all through the night magkasama lang kami. We danced, like the way we danced before. Dirty dancing it may seem, it's like we're havin' sex but we're just dancin' but we really had a good time together. Until we finally settle down sa table nila and he kissed me. It's just like waht happened 2 years ago. I was just touching his face and so he was. He keeps on giving me butterfly kisses on my cheeks and neck, just the way i like it. be continued

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Friday, October 21, 2005

[[*--It's all well and done--*]]

My fone is now fixed. Thanks a lot to my mum! Yey, Mike and I can talk again 24/7!! hehe. Oh well, I'm really nervous about the results of my hell semester. I've checked UST site and the grades aren't still updated! Hopefully the rally will temporarily stop on tuesday. hehe. Selfish ba? Clearance kasi namin sa tuesday and i don't wanna be stuck in the traffic coz I'm a bit sick for 2 days now. I'm having on&off fever and my headache kills me everytime i get up the bed. I updated my account thinking I can view my grades on-line.. hmmm.. Oh well, guess I'll be back in my bed again cause my head is starting to hurt again.

Adios amigos!.. Moooooaah!!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

[[*--Amidst the fun--*]]

Last Monday, I attended our Integration Ball at Bedrock, Tomas Morato. It was fine at first but I really didn't like the food. The pasta was so Italian style. The breaded chicken was not that delicious. And the band that performed wasn't that great as i was expecting. Though they sang lots of good songs. When the band started playing, the crowd went wild and everybody's already partying their heart out. My friend and I just stayed at the bar and watched our colleagues dance to the band's beat. I just ordered a glass of "screaming orgasm" (what a name for a cocktail huh?!). There was a cherry and so I dared my friend to knot the cherry using your tongue. And I did it for 10 minutes while she knot the cherry for about 30 minutes or more... Hehe.. Excellent kisser indeed!..

The night was doing alright. I keep on updating Michael about the happening that night. T'was our 10th monthsary by the way. Until, Lyca and I decided to go upstairs and join the alumni table. I was about to text Michael when i realized that i lost my phone. I was panicking and kept asking all the places I've been into. I almost cried but they give me a glass of beer to make me calm down. So back to what i was doing. I ask the organizer of the ball if there was a submitted lost fon to them and they showed me a wrecked fon. IT WAS MY FON!!! That's when i started crying cause that's our only source of communication.

Oh well, wala na ako magagawa, sira na eh. Kaya eto isa akong pulubing nakikisaksak ng simcard sa ate kong madamot na ayaw ipahiram yung isang celfon nya. Haaay... Bwisit!...

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

[[*--Darnest thing to ask--*]]

  • Ma'am do you have a credit card?

I was running late sa meeting namin ng friend ko para sa raket... I was really walking fast then this sales girl made me slow down just to ask if I had a credit card... In the first place, i don't even look like i got one... I was just on my favorite faded jeans and my superman shirt... Argh!.. I thought it will be a dance class but instead... My friend... Yes, my very dear friend recruited me to join her networking job.. WTF!!...

  • Miss alam mo ba kung saan yung Centerpoint Building?

I had my OJT at Ortigas, Pasig... But that doesn't mean I know everything!... Maybe i just got so pissed off by the traffic and the f*cking driver that keeps on texting while driving (I know I should've reported that driver to LTFRB...) Damn!..

  • Jen, tinext mo na ba si mommy?

Ilang beses ko na ba sinabi sa kanya na wala nga ako load for other network... My sister keeps on asking me that stupid question since Mike gave me my Daylite... I don't know.. I easily get pissed off when she asked me, I shouted at her but I really don't mean it.. Sorry ate... Bibilhan na lang kita ng chunky... ehe...

  • Napanood mo yung Pinoy Big Brother?

What time did i arrived?... 10:45 pm... Do you think I was able to watch PBB?... Argh!!... I really don't know if anyone's using their mind today... When I got on the bus, the TV was on ABS-CBN, I was even watching Kampanerang Kuba... Then some of the passengers sitting at the back of the driver told the bus conductor to change the TV station to GMA.. So I wasn't able to watch PBB... Oh di ba ang galing?!.. Argh!...

  • Ok ka lang?

After kidnapping me to that networking agency, my friend ask me this question.. Obviously with a big frown on my face, she still dared to ask me kung "Ok lang ako"... What I need is an instant-money-job (like dance class, so far yung ang part-time job ko) for another session of my graduation pictorial (huwaw.. ready na for graduation!!) How can she be so insensitive.. There are questions that are not always being asked.

And all of these questions are for Tuesday only... I wonder, how many stupid questions would i encounter tomorrow at school... Damn!... I'm not yet finished with my hamster experiment... Oh that hamster, if they won't cooperate with my experiment, I will put them inside the blender... But I'm not that evil to do that to the harmless hamsters... But at least those silly creatures need to be threatened to follow... Hihihi...

[[ trapped in a trance]]*|5:48 PM|

Monday, October 03, 2005

[[*--whatta day!--*]]

WHEW... I woke up to the voice of mike this morning.. He called 7:40 in the morning!.. Imagine?... I was still dreaming at that time... With my "Cool by Gwen Stefani" polytone, who wouldn.t jerk out?!.. But its all ok, it's my hunny... at least he's voice is the first beautiful thing i heard today.. He called just to shout at me "HELLO!!!" i almost cried 'cause im not used to being woke up that early and hearing such noise... oh well i went back to sleep after the "iloveyou's"... hehehe...

By the way, i would like to thank Moncie Image hosted by for helping me on this blog... I almost delete this one for not publishing all my post...Image hosted by hehehe... It's all in the template... Soooooooo stupid... Thanks again Moncie..

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